Saturday, May 3, 2008

Order in the court

Another week of rehearsals gone by.....we have now been joined by all the members of the "Thoroughly Modern Millie" cast from RCHS. Actually, this only turned out to be 2 people, because 1 of them had to drop out due to a new job. After losing another cast member to conflicts, and possibly losing 2 more, we are starting to look at alternatives. We asked a current cast member to understudy one role, and have asked a couple other folks to join us in a couple of other roles. Things are starting to gel very well.

Some cast members (Shelli in particular) already have their lines memorized!!! Very impressive!!! Our goal for our first off-book rehearsal is May 12, but this may be extended due to the addition of new members and for our "Millie" people.

We have been rehearsing the last 2 weeks at Main Street Christian Church due to issues at the Playhouse, but next week, we are moving back to the upstairs at the Playhouse. We should be fine up there. We do have to deal the issues down there, but that will come in time.

We are also preparing for the Community Day Picnic at the Amphitheatre on May 17, and our Board meeting on the 20th. We are going to be planning the schedule for next season, so that will be forthcoming soon!

That's it for now.....more news soon!!!

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xBeccaElizabeth said...

Oh man. RCP is getting more up-to-date!