Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dis-Order in the Court!

The Rush County Players are in rehearsal for their last production of the 2007-2008 season. "Sandbag, Stage Left, or, One Dead Dolly" is " a parody of courtroom dramas like Ayn Rand's 'The Night of January 16'." The basic premise is that a community theatre diva has been killed by a falling sandbag during the "So Long, Dearie" number in a production of 'Hello, Dolly.' Her wimpy husband has been accused of the crime, and brought to trial. From this point on, the plot, such as it is, pretty much defies description as Defense Attorney Static and Prosecutor Cling present their cases to Judge Roy. L. Been (rhymes with "pin"). One by one, various community theatre types take the stand to testify, and it is the nuttiest parade of witnesses this side of Perry Mason." This will be a very special show, because, like only a very few before it, it will actually be presented in the Circuit Court Room of the Rush County Courthouse! The elevator is working, for those who need it. Not only is is held in the courtroom, but YOU, the audience, will actually help decide the outcome of the show! The show is written with 2 different endings, and our jury of selected audience members, will have a chance to vote on the verdict during each performance. Who are the "usual suspects" in this courtroom farce? Director Aaron Scholl, Assistant Director Scott Medd, and Producer Bonnie Locchetta are excited to have a mix of RCP veterans and new faces to round out the cast. Cast members include: Jack Harmon, Mark Sloan, Matt Griffin, Molly Rose, Sharon Scholl, Michael Best, Julie Craven, Linda Robinson*, Shelli Griffin, Amanda Locchetta, Elizabeth Gist*, Allie Best, Nikki Calciano*, Matt Amos, Chrissy Rankin, Steve Harmon, and Dan Scholl. Those with asterisks are new to the RCP stage. Show times are Fri. June 6 at 8 PM, Sat. June 7 at 2 PM, Sun. June 8 at 2 PM, Fri. June 13 at 8 PM, Sat. June 14 at 8 PM and Sun. June 15 at 2 PM. There are only 90 seats available for each show, and tickets will be going quickly! Tickets are currently available from any cast member, or at Elizabeth's Keepsakes and Collectibles, 237 N. Main St., Rushville. Adult tickets in advance are $8, and at the door are $10. Students K- 12 are always only $5. But wait!!! When you buy your tickets for the show, you can also buy your raffle tickets to sit on the jury. You can actually buy your way onto a jury! Raffle tickets for jury seats are $1 each, or 6 for $5. These are available right along with regular ticket sales. Jurors are not required to learn lines, but just to play along and have fun! If you have any questions, or want to make reservations, you can call Rush County Players at 938- 1711, visit their website at www.rushcountyplayers.org, or email them at rushcountyplayers@yahoo.com. Make plans now to help RCP close out another great season of live theatre here in Rush County, and be part of the wackiest trial of the century! We still need people to help sell tickets, and raffle tickets at each show, so if you can help, call Bonnie at 561-3223 ASAP! Finally, Director Aaron said if we SELL OUT 3 NIGHTS OF THIS SHOW he will SHAVE HIS LEGS!!!! Come on, people! This is TOOOOOO good to pass up!!!!

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